0214E: Slower Weekend

This weekend started out a little crazy on Friday night but ended up really chill by Sunday. The lack of a scheduled game on Saturday and disruptions to the Sunday game plans gave me and Tobie a full weekend on our own, which was an interesting change of pace.

This weekend we got massages, was very lazy about food and spoiled Yoshi to bits. I think Yoshi gained weight over this weekend alone since we've been feeding him whenever he seems to ask for food. The only time he slows down his eating is when he has to eat his egg whites and he starts to give us drama.

Today we ended up going to Greenhills in the hopes of finding a copy of Legendary: Secret Wars Vol. 2 but ended up going home with the games in the image above. It's not a bad thing - we'll just keep looking and I'm sure we'll find a copy soon enough.

Now we're watching RuPaul's Drag Race and I need to set side time to give Yoshi a bath before we retire for the night. And since Monday means an early start to the day, we'll try to sleep a little earlier as well. Still a good weekend.