0214C: Good Work Vibes

After a long week of interviews, we ended up having dinner at the house of one of the team because of an impromptu dinner invitation. With new folks coming in, it was a nice opportunity to sit back, relax, and just appreciate how far things had come.

We had good food. We admired interesting cacti. We told new jokes and laughed at old ones. In other words, we had a good time.

I really like where I am right now. The same time last year I was stressed beyond belief and unsure if I was prepared to leave my 12 year call center job and jump into a new field entirely. But here I am and I'm not just happy, but I also feel terribly fulfilled with the role that I play for this company. I know this is said a lot, but we're not just a company - we're really feeling like a family. And to some this may seem like a crazy experiment, but I think for me and maybe for others on the team, this feel like exactly where I've needed to be all my working life.

It's a great feeling to have.