0214B: Family Mongolian Night

Older Photo of the Sweet Inspiration Mongolian Buffet

So we had a family dinner at Sweet Inspiration, a little restaurant familiar to anyone who has gone to Ateneo or who has grown up around the Katipunan area. And while it's quite the bakeshop with lots of great cakes and other desserts, it's perhaps better known for its Mongolian Rice Bowl Buffet. The price has gone up steadily over the years,but ultimately it's still a really good deal. It feels like we've been practically going to Sweet Inspiration all our lives. This feels especially true since some of the staff recognized us and commented on the fact that our far-flung family was finally all together again. So yeah, the place has history.

But funnily enough, I did not take any photos tonight, whether of my family or of the food. It was just one of those nights when you get lost in the stories, both old and new, and of course the good food. Time with family should always feel like this.

But things have changed too since now we're all working and even my younger brother has his own stories of work to share. But things still go back to funny antics and family in-jokes and all the usual teasing that happens when you're among the people who have known you all your life.

It was a good night.