02149: People, People, People

We're going through another round of hiring at work and so this week has been all about interviews. And for a company our size, recruitment duties tend to fall on the shoulders of the leadership team and so that means needing to screen people on top of one's regular day-to-day duties. There are moments when things are quite fulfilling and it's nice to see all the talent out there. And then there are times when you just feel exhausted and you wonder why it's so far to find precisely the sort of person that you want working for you.

That said, dealing with so many different people one after the other can be pretty tiring indeed and we can only hope that your feelings of fatigue (physical, mental or even social) aren't already getting in the way of your impartial evaluation of people. Then again, we've been working together for some time now and I think we have a more refined idea of the sort of people we want to hire, and this adds to the overall challenge of finding folks.

But we keep trying and we keep searching.