02146: Theater Small Town Charm

This afternoon Tobie and I watched the Repertory Philippines staging of John Cariani's Almost Maine. We were delightfully by surprised by how charming the production is given how it feels like a series of vignettes of romance loosely tied together to form a somewhat larger narrative - or at least a snapshot of this fictional town and all the little relationships between people.

The play relies on its four actors to fulfill the many different character roles in the production, but it only gets a little unsettling after the first few stories. As the story progresses, it becomes quite clear when characters have shifted and you're in a completely new story. There will be common themes between the little chapters of a sort or one character may turn out to be the employee of another. All in all it comes together quite nicely and it's a very cleverly written show. The only shame is that not enough people are going to see the play and I do hope more people try to catch it before the run ends.