02145: LinkedIn Word Play

Joining Hashtag Interactive has been quite the culture shift for me, but in a good way. After 12 years in the call center world, which operations with so many rules, requirements, and measurements for just about everything, being on the creative side of the fence is something else entirely. It took me a while before I could shake off the rigidness instilled by the corporate world and still I know I can be a little intimidating because of that same discipline. But on the whole, I think I'm getting better at all this.

In recent months we've opted to change my email signature title to Head Geek, which seems a little silly, but it does kind of describe my contributions to the company. In the BPO space I could never imagine having something like that going out on every email that I send, and yet now there it is. And tonight I decided to play around with my LinkedIn profile to include the Head Geek tag - although it's only in my job-specific updates and not on my network header.

Commercial break: Yes, I'm still one of those weirdos that think curating my LinkedIn identity is important for some reason. How strange.

Anyway, I only just realized that I had never filled out the description on my current duties at Hashtag - something that I think I still had to define over the past few months as well. This is my working description for now, which I'm trying to edit to sound a bit more creative and less corp-speak-ish. It certainly starts out a little dry, but it gets a little better towards the end. However it doesn't quite feel right, and so I know it'll need a bit more work.

I'm not quite sure where to go through. I could be more crazy and just add more adjectives. Maybe I should go into further detail about what I do even if it sounds like stuff that isn't important? And it's not like I'm doing this to get hired by someone else - I'm thinking more about the sort of impression it makes when prospective clients chance upon my profile or when applicants try to figure out who the heck just called them so late in the evening about a job opening.

Things to think about all around.