02144: Camera Phones

It's kind of funny how we no longer really use the term "camera phone" since these days we expect all phones to have a camera. Seriously, our phones have almost as many functions as Star Trek tricorders, although I don't know if tricorders could show you funny cat videos on YouTube while on an alien planet.

I used to be a stalwart for saying that my little point and shoot will remain an important part of my gadgets since it still takes better photos. And while I can't necessarily say that my actual camera photos are better than those taken with my phone, but there are definitely areas where each shines and the other doesn't.

Where my phones wins out is the fact that it's always on me and my Nexus 6P definitely has a better camera than my old HTC One. I'm actually able to use Instagram to a decent degree because why not right? Living the social media life and all that #YOLO stuff. And I can't really complain - it's a nice experience.

I've repeatedly stated that I want to take more photos and generally spend more time with my photography efforts and I think I'm managing this a little better with my phone versus with my dedicated camera. I still need that device for dealing with larger events like nights at O Bar and such, but for the casual day-to-day moments when you feel like capturing something, it's really easy to just whip out your phone and snap a quick photo.

I don't claim to be a professional photography by any means nor am I even all that artistic. But I know what I like and there are times when I really enjoy exploring the world through a camera lens since some surprisingly fun stuff tends to come out. And we're all the better for it, maybe.