02142: Whew

Today has been a good day.

A lot of my good days tend to be tiring days, but how can you feel truly accomplished until you've put a lot of effort into things right? sure you can wait for good fortune to come your way, but it feels even better when you've worked hard for something and things generally turn out well.

I've been busy at work. My scant time at home has also been fairly busy. And in-between there's all the love and care that goes into supporting Yoshi as best as we can.

Yoshi is still doing his best to eat, although I think I'm spoiling his appetite for his dog food now that he's been getting some raw food back in his diet together with some boiled chicken liver to help bolster his anemia condition. He's taking 5 tablets/capsules worth of meds every day now plus two different supplements administered as syrups injected into his mouth. And there's at the special powder mixed into every meal to help bond the phosphates in his food.

So much to do and so any plates to keep spinning  in the air but at the end of the day I feel the good sort of tired that my efforts mean something and it remains a good life to live.

We fight on.