02140: The Love For Gaming

So we're home from another G&G RPG mini-convention and I think it's fair to say that the team is feeling very tired but also quite fulfilled. There were four different talks/workshops and six different game tables running six different game systems so it made for quite the variety. And as much as it was nice to see familiar faces coming back, it was also interesting to note other first-timers joining our little activity and exploring the world of tabletop RPGs for the first time.

I didn't actually get to play any games this time around, so instead I focused on helping documenting the event. Thus this was the first time I managed to take a full video of Tobie's talk and also took a decent number of photos of the different talks and game tables throughout the course of the day. It also became an opportunity to tinker more with my phone's camera features, thus the various experiments with taking panorama shots. I'll admit such shots aren't always ideal when you're indoors and when your panorama lines cross over people's faces. Oh the little things.

But work looms ahead. I might try to squeeze in a bit more of my work stuff before bed, but we'll see. The body may win out in the end.