0213F: Dark Game Worlds

Scene at a gaming table
I could really use a massage right now. My legs feel rather beat up and I fear it's due to the odd combination of commuting through Metro Manila and spending hours on end seated in front of a computer whether for work or for leisure. But there are quite a number of events that we have to factor into the schedule this week and I don't know if we'll have time for anything like that between the games and other serious matters squeezed in-between everything else.

In terms of the games though, we had some pretty heavy game settings to deal with. Friday night we played Orpheus, and that story continues to be rather depressing at times yet contrasted with moments of horror. Today we just wrapped up a game session for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, where we're in a dark Alice in Wonderland style reality that happens to have vampires. Often times it feels like we're lucky enough to remain alive in a horror realm like that one. And we're still in the process of understanding the world while figuring out our own stories.

In sharp contrast to those two game sessions, tomorrow is the G&G RPG mini-convention with the theme of Love & Gaming for the February mood set. Tobie has a talk and a game to run and I'm not yet sure what I want to involve myself with during the event. There's also some work that I really want to get done this weekend in order to free up my Monday a bit more, but we'll see what I can realistically manage given the time that's left. Plus there's Yoshi who requires his own share of time, love, and affection because he's such an awesome dog.