0213E: A British Friday

In the end, it was Yoshi the grey who conquered Westeros and took the Iron Throne.
After work today we ended up passing by the Great British Festival over at Bonifacio High Street to meet up with a friend and to see what was there to see. Thus our dinner plans ended up involving over-priced fish fingers, chips and various meat pies while we made fun of the contestants of a singing competition and took cheesy photos with various mock landmarks and other such silliness.

Also finally met a Twitter friend after quite a lot of online interaction. As much as you can argue that friendships can feel real enough even though they start online, there's still a sense of really making things feel real after you've met in person the first time. We wouldn't have passed by the Great British Festival had it not been for him so I guess that's a good thing.

Feeling pretty tired though - so many things to do and it was quite the full work day. And I still have a bit more work that I hope to get done tomorrow so that I have less to worry about come Monday. Our game plans aren't until evening, so I suppose that offers us a little time to maneuver things around.

On the other hand, I just might end up sleeping as my body does feel quite weary. Hopefully I'll find a balance between both goals.