0213A: Yoshi the Game Tourist

One of the new quirks of the Yoshi life is actually trying to bring along with our trips here and there. I'm not talking about out of town sort of deals - just making sure that we can bring him along with us during the weekend is the only real goal.

To be fair, most of our weekends are occupied with game nights. And while most game nights take place at the Sietch, which means at home with Yoshi, a few others involve us visiting the homes of friends. And thus the new question that we've come to ask is whether or not Yoshi can come along. It's a bit of a risk to bring him out at all, but there's always that feeling of reassurance to have him with us at much as possible.

The Baquirans are dear friends and now quite the regulars in terms of people we game with. And we know them to be dog lovers as well, so recently Yoshi has been joining us for games. He mostly sticks to his carrier when he gets bored. But between games he knows that we'll pay attention to him and so he'll be out and about. I'm just glad that he doesn't make a mess while we're playing. Then again, he's gotten pretty disciplined about waiting for his walks before needing to do his business.

We still have other game nights where Yoshi can't come along. But I'm glad there are still those with places that are dog-friendly that can accommodate us.