02139: A Sunday at Circuit Makati

So we ended up spending our Sunday over at Circuit Makati, some weird little Ayala development on the former Sta. Ana Race Track grounds. We only really ended up here since Red Turnip had decided to use the Power Mac Center Spotlight facility to host  their staging of Constellations. We had to get Waze to route us directly to the venue, but it wasn't exactly too hard to find once we were there.

First. the play was amazing. I tend to like plays that employ creative storytelling structures, although such non-linear efforts don't always work all that well. In this case the quirky, sometimes jittery way that the story is told was brilliantly executed by the two-person cast to great effect. Plus it's a story that sort of ties into all the more exotic and sometimes romantic derivations of modern quantum theory  And it's also a story about romance in itself and how a relationship can start during an unexpected moment and how it may not always be perfect but love finds a way. So many feelings because of that play!

Finally we figured that we had some time to explore the area and find a place to eat since there are already a number of restaurants operating at the Circuit mall by Ayala. There we discovered Onboard, a rather impressive gaming cafe that has a very good board game selection. The the follow the play-all-you-can model for as long as you buy food and drinks and the menu selection is priced appropriately. They made some smart decisions with the tables having space under for bags and game boards and such while you play but food could still be better. It had a rather impressive crowd for a Sunday despite how remote Circuit Makati feels and the fact that Ludo is practically right around the corner over by Jupiter St.

It was a pretty good Sunday.