02138: Our Brave Little Dog

Tobie and I love Yoshi to bits, and the nature of his kidney condition reminds us to appreciate every moment with him. And while his situation isn't immediately dire, it's still serious enough to merit a lot of attention and care. To some, investing so much in the health of a pet may seem foolish, but such animals are members of the family and it's our responsibility to care for them as best as we can.

Yoshi gets injected with saline solution every other day. We've fully transitioned from bringing him to the vet for his shots and instead Tobie and I handle things ourselves at the Sietch. It's gotten somewhat easier in terms of the actual procedure, but it's always quite rattling on the nerves when you get around to it. There's always that mixed sense of fear, panic, and terror you experience when you bring the IV needle close to his skin.

But Yoshi is such a trooper and while he's a little surly right after each session, he's soon back to his normal self soon enough. And although he knows it'll be uncomfortable to once again have 150mL of liquid sloshing about under his skin, he'll awkwardly come in for his next injection in two days. He never runs away or hides. He just sort of hangs his head and grins and bears it. And in return we make sure that we remind him that we love him and that we just want him to feel better.

The injections are part of what's keeping him so lively and active. We'll find out at the end of the month if he's made any true progress. Then again, as long as his numbers don't get worse, then that's still a good thing. Of course I'd love for nothing better than his condition to magically go away and for him to be perfectly healthy, but one must keep realistic expectations. In the meantime all that we can do is to pull out all the stops in terms of seeing to his care.