02137: Friday Night Musings

Friday night traffic always looks so...colorful. But that's life in Metro Manila for you. And I don't foresee us leaving the city anytime soon. But we are considering finding a place closer to work since the daily commute is just so draining. But it's not easy to find a decent place that doesn't totally disrupt one's budget.

More and more we end up having dinner in BGC before heading home since it's hard to imagine cooking after the long drive home. The travel time just takes so much out of you and you get home just in time to get more rest and prepare to go back to work. It's a crazy, vicious cycle.

And I'm kind a still working. Ugh. But hey it's the life. And at least we have some board games on hand so we'll be able to preoccupy ourselves. It's just a question of how long we stay here before heading back to the Sietch.