02131: Celebrating Love Everyday

Today is Valentine's Day. But as always it felt more like our entire weekend was a celebration of being together. And our lives together often seem to have such charmed moments.

So Tobie prepared soft shell crab salad last Thursday night before we caught the last showing for the night of the new Deadpool movie. Friday night we managed to steal away to Genki Sushi. Saturday was mostly about resting but we also indulged in some Uncle Moe's for delivery dinner. And today our little indulgence was a heavy dimsum meal at Hap Chan. So yeah, there's been a lot of good eating this weekend.

And while we didn't have some grand Valentine's Day date mapped out, we did use the weekend as a chance to catch up on much-needed rest. We played a few board games and even bought a few new ones. And I think we'll have time to play another game or two right after we finished this episode of Call the Midwife and give Yoshi a bath.

Love is in the details, in the little moments and the happily shared experiences. Good food helps, too.