02130: Working On The Weekend

In my prior call center life, I set a stringent rule for myself never to bring work home as much as possible. The job had already taken a lot of my "normal"life away since we had to work at night and so I didn't feel it was necessary to take stuff home. By the end of my time there I was the sort of employee who maximized his work day but would then make sure to go home precisely on time barring morning traffic.

Today I've been on full monitoring mode for the social media pages of clients we handle. The social media management side of the work is one that doesn't really turn off and so it's important to keep a pulse on what's going on and to be prepared for critical situations. And I don't feel bad about it - if anything the whole social media work is always an exciting one and I'm more than glad to continue to work in this field. It's Valentine's Day weekend and I've actually invested several hours in making sure numerous customer questions haven't gone unanswered. And on the whole. it's still rather fun, even if folks can be a little silly at times.

Do what you love for work or at least learn to love what you work on.