0212F: Valentine's Day Weekend

So we have no games scheduled for this weekend since it's Valentine's Day weekend and most players already have other plans in place. We jumped the gun a bit by managing to catch the new Deadpool movie yesterday, so now our dance card is pretty much free. We were considering a few events here and there but in the end it looks like we're just going to stay home and play board games or watch TV or something. Sky's there limit there.

The closest we've gotten to a nice night out was going back to Genki Sushi tonight to enjoy great sushi delivered ridiculously on train cars. It's a fun little escape here in BGC and we're grateful for it. The delivery system is all part of the eating experience. We're not too proud of the fact that we finished our meal in less than 30 minutes - especially since we ordered like eight different things. I guess we were either that hungry or we were just enjoying ourselves that much. Both are totally understandable and nothing to be ashamed of.

So what are you doing this weekend? Hope you have a fun yet restful time ahead! We all deserve it after a productive work week.