0212D: Hump Day Monday

The first day back after a long weekend is always hectic - that's typical at this point. But man, I felt super busy today to the point I was barely keeping up with stuff. It wasn't necessarily a completely bad feeling - just one that really had me pushing hard.

Then again, I could have probably lightened my burden by getting more work done over the holiday period, which I didn't so boo on me. So I can't really complain since I made those choices and thus I had to live with them. It's just how life rolls.

Other than that, really need to get our healthier eating plans back on track. It's been far too easy to fall into the fast food delivery trap given our respective jobs and the extra work that goes into Yoshi's continued care given his kidney condition. Again not complaining, just declaring the present situation. We'll get around things in time. #adulting