0212B: Indulgences.

This is a calamansi pie by Earnest Bakes.

This calamansi pie is pretty awesome.

I admit it's probably not the sort of pie that everyone would enjoy since it has a nice rather nice sourness to it that is quite piquant and contrasts well with the graham crust.

I just wanted to share the brilliance of this pie. It's a little pricey but it's totally worth it and I don't think we'll be sharing with other people until we've had our fill.

In non-pie news, last night's DC Heroes session was pretty fun as we were experimenting with a new approach to things as part of our "summer break" story arc.

Today we have a few new players over for board games and to sort of celebrate Chinese New Year. Funnily both are on stringent meal plans so ironically we will not be ordering some big pseudo Chinese feast for the night. Oh well.

We also had massages earlier today, which was a nice way to relax on this holiday. Huzzah.