02129: About Today

This long weekend for the Lunar New Year will be about gaming (as always), spoiling Yoshi (as demanded), opening up new stuff purchased in Singapore (I haven't looked at my credit card bill), having fun with Tobie (in all possible interpretations of that statement, and maybe to get more than one massage session in (we deserve it).

It will not be about feeling sad about friends leaving the country (and there have been more than one this weekend), work stress (although I still have stuff to do), or other negative things (being angry shortens your life).

I am just thankful for how amazing technology is and how it allows us to remain connected in so many different ways despite the distances that could be between people. It certainly helps things along whether you're coordinating a meet-up amid the craziness of Metro Manila traffic or you're trying to feel like a friend in another country is just next door.

Hearts and hugs for all those whom you hold dear.