02128: Celebrating 100 Grams

Between Friday traffic and last-minute board game plans, Tobie and I agreed it was probably a good idea to have the vet handle Yoshi's saline injection today as opposed to us struggling to race home in order to give it at a time that's probably way too late for it to be beneficial for Yoshi.

The folks at Beterenaryo sa Fort are pretty amazing and the fact that they remember your dog and generally know what his case has been like even if they we're the primary physician on the case shows some genuine love and care in that clinic. And so our visits to the vet aren't quite so traumatic anymore, but Yoshi does remain a little wary. But then the energy is nicely positive for the most part and I really think that helps things along.

And even though our saline injections are pretty much routine at this point, I usually swing by the scale to get Yoshi weighed so we can continue to monitor his progress. During the week I was away at Singapore he dropped to about 3.9kg. Today he's finally back at 4.1 - a level we've rarely seen since this whole kidney problem first starting manifesting symptoms. And given how he's mostly been at 4kg flat even on good days really made me happy. 100 grams does not sound like much, but given the Yoshi's size and the fact that his ideal weight is more in the neighborhood of 4.2kg, this is truly cause for celebration.

Many times Tobie and I can't help but wonder if all this effort and investment in all of Yoshi's medicines is still worth it. Giving Yoshi 3 tablets/capsules a day plus other supplements added to his food is not easy of us or Yoshi. But then you see him run around and play and be all quietly inquisitive like before and it just goes to show that all this work is helping him remain a happy and generally healthy dog. Sure he's on a special diet and is poked with needles three times a week, but at least he's still a very much active part of our lives and we're made all the better for it.

And thus for the foreseeable future we're going to continue to do everything that we can to help Yoshi keep fighting and to make sure his life is one where he feels loved. And in return he does silly things like this:

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