02127: A Sentimental Moment

I am not very good with friends - I forget if I wrote more about my thoughts on the matter on my original LiveJournal or over on this blog. Regardless, it's always a bit of a thing with me.

Beyond anything you might want to attribute to my relatively introverted nature, I know my bigger issue with friends is when I feel disappointed for any number of reasons. I worry a lot if I put overly high standards on friendship when all I really hope for is regular communication and a decent conversation every now and then - even just an online chat! But in this ever busy life that we live in, it feels like people just don't have the time for even that - or I'm just typically the sort of friend they feel they need to invest time and effort in.

And so when I think about the few precious people that I seriously consider to be friends, I come up with a very short list. And a few of those select few aren't even based in this country anymore. But despite them being on the other side of the world or thereabouts, they still put in a lot more effort in reaching out and staying in touch and generally making you feel like you still matter. And so those friends deserve the same level of attention in return and then some.

There are very few people that I truly consider to be good friends and I know I'd be do whatever I can to come running should they need my help. That's just how things are in life, I suppose. We'll do anything for the people that matter to us most. The tricky part is figuring out who those people are for you and the other perspective of whether or not they see you with the same degree of importance.

Friendships are still relationships and relationships are never easy. They will always need open lines of communication and a lot of hard work. But the rewards in terms of fulfillment and the benefit of having someone in your corner will always feel precious. You can't accurately quantify what makes for a truly good friend.