02126: Passion vs Capitalism

Because we are not yet living in the utopian Roddenberry future where capitalism is a thing of the past, a lot of the things we love owe a lot to those who make the most money. Although we still get to enjoy movies and TV shows that appeal to our interests, the fate of those media properties will always be tied to ratings, market research and all those other silly things. So you can't just love Transformers for the sake of loving Transformers since you'll eventually need to deal with the likes of Hasbro or indirectly Michael Bay.

It's a sucky geeky life, but we make the most of things as best as we can. And while we do our best to play nice with the big boys who help make the continuing viability of certain franchises still happen, we also know that true celebration of things we love can never be controlled or shaped by corporations.

So take that evil beasts. Have at thee!