02124: Stars Twinkle Ever So Brightly

I believe in love.

As much as logic and rationality tends to dictate most of the decisions in my life, I've also come to believe in things that are beyond what logic can define. And concepts like love will always be one of those big ticket items that really go beyond what the mind can fully conceive and understand.

I feel love.

And I'm not just talking about the love that I feel from Tobie. It's not just the love that is directed at us - that's always there. There's love all around us and when you see it in action, you know how true it is since you also feel something resonate in you. Some  people respond to such feelings with jealously and envy. But really, seeing love in all its splendor is always a cause for celebration and joy.

I understand aspects of love.

I won't claim to know everything about love since the emotion and the experience is a little different for every person. Who we are helps define the love we desire and the love we're capable of sharing with others. Every person comes with their own definition of love and their own understanding of love. And how we accommodate for the differences in our understanding is all part of the experience.

I hope for love.

Not just for me - I know I've found the love of my life in Tobie. But I do hope everyone gets at least a chance at love - both to receive it freely and to want to give it completely. Everyone deserves a shot a love. And we can only do our best to support them as best we can and hope that things turn out well.

I believe in love. And I hope more people find it in their hearts to believe as well.