0219E: Singapore Busy Fun Times

Been pretty busy with work still, which is to be expected on what is primarily a business trip. It is quite deceiving how bright it is even at 07:00pm around here. Back in Manila 06:00pm would be pretty dark and gloomy. Over here you just kind of keep working since the relative light tells your brain that it's okay to keep on working. I don't feel tired or anything like that - the brain really seems to respond to environmental light of this nature.

Or maybe I'm just talking as a call center veteran who is grateful to no longer work graveyard hours.

I did manage to make a quick run to Orchard today, primarily to canvass games over at Paradigm Infinitum. I wanted to go check out what Tobie I might want and noted prices for final evaluation. I'll try to go back tomorrow or the day after to actually purchase the items on our shortlist. This trip is actually long enough to merit multiple visits to the shop. Plus normally purchases decisions come along a lot quicker since Tobie and I together. It's easy to indulge in a heck of a lot of games all at once but then we still need to be prudent. Plus I have new Transformers coming in all the time so gotta pay the bills.

How do you manage your budgets while abroad? Do you strictly limit yourself or do you provide allowances based on availability of the item overseas versus at home and all that? Just thinking out loud here, so feel free to chime in.