0219D: Singapore Work Week

So we have the whole Manila team over in Singapore and it's quite a full house. But then again, it's also a lot of fun and I'm glad for the experience. It's certainly allowing for new learning experiences and opportunities for the team to work closer together regardless of their usual geographic locations.

This is my first true overseas work trip in quite a while, and it's proving to be quite busy indeed. It probably helps that the time is the same and yet different at the same time since the skies are still pretty bright at 07:00pm while back in Manila it would already be very evening indeed. The last time I had to travel for work was a US trip back in 2008. This trip is definitely more interesting.

I hope to squeeze in some time to check out Paradigm Infinitum maybe tomorrow, but we'll see how the work day goes. Time just seems to seriously fly by when you're not careful and that can be quite a limitation on things. But it's all for the better and I'm really liking how this trip is starting out.

I think it also helps that Tobie and I have been to Singapore so many times that it already feels like familiar territory. I'm well past the need to do all the tourist stuff and already have a curated list of things that I try to aim to do whenever we're in town. So now they're mostly "nice to do" things instead of being pseudo bucket list items in terms of relative importance.

And that's definitely a good thing.