0219B: A Very Full Saturday

Today has been like super productive and the day isn't even over yet! With my big Singapore work trip tomorrow, it certainly seemed prudent to get a lot of things done before leaving. I just wasn't quite expecting other things to join in for our scheduled plans today, thus resulting in a very, very busy Saturday.

Things started off with waking up just in time for a Transformers releasing / distribution event at Toy Kingdom Megamall. It's a good deal for fans since your patience to queue for one day means addressing Transformer acquisition lists for a good 3-4 months. And with the new Titan Wars line coming up soon, Hasbro seemed eager to release both waves 5 and 6 of their Combiner Wars line all at once. It was a little painful on the wallet, but nothing that credit card installment options can't address.

Then we had to rush home for some quality time for Yoshi and to address all his usual meds and stuff. That was followed by making our way to Makati to catch the Repertory Philippines production of The Game's Afoot, which was okay but nothing too amazing.

Finally it was back to Cubao to pick up Yoshi and to again address meds and food. We'll be headed off to their place in a bit for a long night of great gaming. And recent acquisitions means we have a lot of Legendary games in our immediate future.