02198: Stuck in Spacedock

I miss Star Trek. To be more specific, I miss having a Star Trek TV series to look forward to every week. This year will mark the 11th year that we haven't had an on-going Star Trek series being broadcast on TV. Sure there are a bunch of fan projects with varying degress of legitimacy in the form of Star Trek alumni involvement or old Star Trek scripts never used in the shows, but that's not the same. What has happened to the Federation?

And yes, I recognize that the 2009 reboot movie did help breathe some new life into the franchise, but it's also not quite the Star Trek experience I'm looking for. I won't get into the on-going debate of whether or not it is "better" or not when compared to the older properties. Let's just agree that the sort of stories that for movies are not the same as those that work for television. There's a lot more room to explore character development and more complex themes given a full season's worth of episodes to tell those stories. And I think that flexibility to examine society through the lens of science fiction is what really made the show so memorable and helped define why it's such a key piece of cultural history. And the studios seem loathe to return to this world right away.

Sure, there's also talks of a Star Trek TV series in 2017, but I'll wait to see it actually make it on TV. There have been too many movies and TV shows announced to be in production only to die before filming has even begun. The entertainment world is too volatile when it comes to those who control funding for such projects and everyone seems determined to hedge their best as much as possible.

Where's my Star Trek, CBS/Paramount? Where?