02195: Gaming Visits

Most of our game nights naturally take place at the Sietch since (1) it's the most convenient option for us and (2) we have access to our complete library of gaming resources. Whether we're talking about board games or RPG source materials, Sietch Creare has it all. But I'll be first to admit that the building itself isn't the greatest in the world since our condo currently lacks proper guest parking and the area isn't always convenient for other friends.

But we do travel from time to time for certain gaming groups since we also want to balance out their needs or they can host the game at a location that works better for folks. It means that we have to be careful about what games to bring to the event. But on the flip side these game nights tend to involve a heck of a lot of food for some reason. Seriously, SO MUCH GOOD FOOD.

The nice thing about such game nights is the fact that such groups tend to be totally committed to the game night. There are times when Tobie and I post open invites to friends and struggle to assemble a decent group for a night. These other groups that require us to travel to be to a lot more enthusiastic about having a fun game night and thus can be very encouraging. It's always nice when your players really want to play and put in effort to gaming with you. If only all players could be this way.

Game nights involve a lot of work to put together. You need to determine players, figure out what games can support your mix of players, make arrangements for spaces to play on, also figure out logistics like food and drinks and other fun stuff. So appreciate your friends who organize game nights - it's all a labor of love. And if you have individual folks who don't even play or you have people who have fun at the expense of others, it can be really disappointing given all the work that had been invested in things.