02193: Good Eating

My sister had purchased some pre-mixed frozen quinoa and kale for me as her contribution to improving the quality of my eating. And today I finally explored the office fridge and figured it was time to give the "super food" a go. This pre-prepared batch was microwave-friendly, so that took a lot of the work out of it and I just needed to boil some sausages and scoop out some Greek yogurt for a dash of flavor. The resulting lunch was pretty yummy, nicely filling, although it will also take some getting used to. Quinoa is still a grain, but it's very fine nature makes it feel more like a seed or something. And yes, I recognize we're all technically eating quinoa seeds, but you have to admit when something is formally introduced as a grain you will think grains. It can certainly get lodged in-between your teeth when you're not careful.

In contrast, our pre-gaming dinner consists of some as-seen-on-TV lasagna in a pan with some supermarket sushi from Marketplace by Rustan's. And since it's a game night, we're ready for an all-nighter with several bottles of soda, coffee ready for brewing and of course several types of chips. And it's not like we've finished the lasagna yet - there's still a fair amount left in the pan at this point.

Butt the night is young.