02190: Boiled, Broiled, and Steamed.

So Tobie and I can't deny the fact that we've put on a significant amount of weight in recent years. What can I say? We really enjoy eating and it's a lot more fun to celebrate good food with someone you love. So we're trying to take some steps to rectify this at least through what we eat since our calendar remains pretty busy between our working hours and gaming schedules.

My grandmother use to recite this mantra of "Boiled, Broiled, and Steamed" when it comes to healthier eating. And to be fair, the three methods do try to minimize oil and with luck avoid some excess fat. Her other recommendation involved only eating an amount of meat that's equivalent to the size of your palm, but I don't think I'm fully ready for that. So I'm trying to make more of an effort to cook healthier, which is a challenge since frying food is obviously a lot easier and seemingly quicker.

Our first experiments have involved steaming vegetables and dory for a light dinner. Avoiding rice has justified us having more fish, which comes out tasting nicely clean and yet still flavorful without the need for condiments. But of course I need more cooking options since I can't just keep steaming fish day after day since that'll get boring fast.

I hope to look up more recipes for steaming and broiling that might provide more options. I'm also considering additional equipment here at the Sietch. We've been without a working turbo broiler for some time since the chamber of our old one developed a crack and that was that. Tobie has been eyeing a nice tabletop oven that has been quite tempting and I think we need to just make the investment in the appliance in order to help our cooking efforts. I kind of want a steamer/infuser as well, but then that does seem a bit too focused a device. We also have a small slow cooker, but it's reliance on 110V is rather annoying. Maybe I should set it up at the office instead.

Decisions, decisions...