0218C: Irrational Jealousy

If you like it...

A lot of folks have gotten married in recent weeks and Facebook naturally has a good amount of wedding photos, videos, and other such evidence of said weddings. And while weddings are lovely and I have enjoyed viewing them and sharing in the happiness of friends and colleagues, I have to admit that I also feel a few pangs of sadness, envy, and annoyance.

Sure, my feelings have nothing to do with those weddings. That's their special day and I do not want to bring in any friends about how I feel. But I just needed to express the fact that I do feel bad that Tobie and I are not in a position to get married. Sure, we could get some empty strange religious ceremony to say that we're married or even get married in some other country that allows for same-sex, but it doesn't have any legal implications and will not be recognized in any meaningful way in this country.

I don't necessarily want to leave the country either. I still (perhaps foolishly) hold onto the fact that I want to continue living here in the Philippines since my life is here and my friends and family and here and all that fun stuff. And I'd like to live to see things change for the better here and have government open the doors to same-sex couples. But yeah, even I recognize that it's going to take a long time for this country to get anywhere close there.