0218B: Keep on Swimming

2016 has started out in a rather odd manner. We're still helping Yoshi with his kidney problems. Tobie and I both have conjunctivitis this week. Tobie's car got bumped in a minor accident on EDSA yesterday. And today Tobie has some other medical situation that we're still going through the diagnostic process for now. So yeah, not so great.

This week I've been reading three quirky newer Marvel titles because they were on sale on comiXology: these were Howard the Duck, Ms. Marvel and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. All three titles were rather light with a good amount of humor. And I suppose my reading them around this time was quite perfectly-timed.

Ms.Marvel was particularly well-done and was more than just another silly comic book title. If anything it's a simply brilliant depiction of a rather complex young superhero that has to deal with family, being an immigrant and discovering her "Inhuman" abilities all at the same time. And they made sure that her journey of self-discovery was messy, full of consequences along with surprise wisdom from unexpected circles. Plus she's a total superhero fangirl and thus all of her encounters with other heroes are quite adorable.

So yeah, when things are all dark and depressing, be a Ms. Marvel in life. If she can survive being a young hero in New Jersey, I think we can survive some bumps in the road at the beginning of 2016.