0218A: Not A Great Day

So after two more weeks of treatment, Yoshi's tests came back mostly neutral. Things didn't get worse, but they didn't get better either, and admittedly that rather disappointing. We may need to increase the amount of fluids in his system to help flush things out more and hopefully bring down his creatinine levels to where it needs to be.

Tobie's car got bumped by some SUV being driven by two guys from Mindanao. The scrape in itself isn't too major, but it will still be costly to repair, as is the way of car problems. It was a little tense for a moment, but I guess we should count ourselves lucky that things were resolved peacefully enough. Still, it was one of those accidents that felt more annoying than anything else.

There will be good days and there will be bad days. All that matters is how we pick ourselves up and continue to move forward.