02188: First Sickness of 2016

So both Tobie and I have conjunctivitis. We were hoping that it would be something else that might pass sooner, but it's not. So we have the antibiotic drops to help speed things along and we notified all of our guests from the weekend about it in case they start to show symptoms. With luck this will be done and over with before the end of the week, but of course these things need to take their course and can't be rushed too much. I'll do my best to work from home this week, but certain things will inevitably require my presence at the office sooner or later plus Yoshi still has his vet appointments also in BGC.

Yoshi on the other hand seems to be doing quite well. His weight is back to 4kg from a low of 3.6kg in December during his confinement. His appetite is a lot better and he's even getting around to eating the egg whites that are essential to his recovery but not so enticing to his nose. But we won't know for sure how far he has progressed until this Wednesday when he has another blood test along with a repeat kidney profile. I'm really hoping that his creatinine is down to a more acceptable level. The doctors hope that he'll be down to 2mg coming from his reading of 3.5 last December 30. It's still a lot to hope for but we're trying to be optimistic about things.

So yeah, now we're all sick to some extent.