02187: Red Eye Warning

The other day I felt like there was something in my right eye. It was terribly annoying and I couldn't wash it out right away, but eventually it passed and I didn't think much of it. By yesterday both Tobie and I woke up with rather redder eyes - Tobie's left seems to be most affected while my right seems the more irritating. And while some Visine helps clear the immediate redness, it seems we may have contracted something.

It's rather annoying, but then these things happen I suppose. It's very likely that the most likely culprit will have to do with all of our handling of Yoshi the past few days and possible forgetting to wash our hands before touching our faces or something. It's not like we've been in contact with too many other people over the past few days, especially not in a manner that would lead to the sort of contact that might lend to spreading something like conjunctivitis.

We wanted to have a doctor look at us today, but no ophthalmologists are available at The Medical City at Gateway today, so we'll just have to wait for tomorrow. We might end up staying home on the first day of work to avoid possibly infecting other people should it prove to be that. Or maybe it's just some sort of allergic reaction that we need to work past? One can hope. We'll wait to see how good or bad our eyes are tomorrow morning.