02123: No Rest For The Wicked

As much as this Sunday could have been a day of rest after my week in Singapore, our rather busy gaming calendar took priority. In this case, the last Sunday of the month is typically devoted to the G&G RPG Mini-Conventions that Tobie and other gaming enthusiasts have been investing a lot of time and energy into staging. Tobie always aims to have a talk and a game to run during every event and he was up pretty late trying to get his presentation deck all prepared since he wasn't satisfied with his initial draft.

The event in itself went pretty well and I think the folks all had a good time. I got to join in his Lacuna game session with some first-time Mystery Agents and I think my character, Mason, wasn't too freaky this time around. This time.

We had to scramble to make arrangement so that we could still give Yoshi a bath here at the BGC office since we didn't yet have the time to go home to Cubao. We still have to meet up with a dear friend of mine who's back in town for a visit. He's the sort of friend that I do my best to accommodate when he asks. We all have people of such importance and value in our life.

Back to Manila life indeed.