02122: Another Great Trip

For the past 6 years, my air travel has been predominantly limited by various trips to Singapore. Initially they were all leisure trips and a great way to spend time with my sister and now they're also work trips given I'm now a part of her company. And while I didn't quite see as much of Singapore this week, we really got a lot done, and that's something to be super proud of.

And yet despite the very busy work week, I still got to squeeze in a fair amount of shopping. I picked up more magnets at Universal Studios. We completed another big board game order over at Games @ PI (formery Paradigm Infinitum). And I raided Kinokuniya for Adventure Time books and snagged the Doctor Who playset over at a LEGO store. So yeah, totally efficient trip both in terms of work and geekery.

But nothing beats being back home with Tobie and Yoshi. And even though Yoshi isn't in a super good mood today, he was still happy enough to lick my face a bit in order to welcome me home, too.