02120: Hashtag Hackathon

Finally managed to squeeze in some time to revisit Paradigm Infinitum to actually purchase stuff. We had made arrangements online to set aside the games that we wanted but it wasn't until today that I could actually get the games. Despite the fact that office is just 2-3 blocks away from the store, there really hasn't been all that much time to handle stuff like this. This business trip has been filled with - SURPRISE - work! But of course we're all still having fun getting things done.

Now the main purpose of this trip was actually the big "hackathon" today - or at least the marketing equivalent of one. So we're divided into teams and we have 24 hours to create something to present tomorrow and it's quite crazy. But I'm sure the team is still up to the challenge, despite the fact that we still have regular work to deal with as well.

So now I hope to get my blogging out of the way before I tackle some real work that had been left pending to be followed by the hackathon group stuff that still needs to get done. Fun times indeed.