02182: Random Holiday Commentary

I have taken a break from the Geeky Guide over the holidays just to have more time to relax and not worry about imaginary deadlines I've imposed upon myself. But I'm okay to chime in on a few items of recent interest.

It's scary how Duterte is pretty much willing to say anything to he media and he's sure to get away with it. His most recent statements about reviving not just the death penalty but also calling for public executions by hanging and lifting the restrictions on convicting minors are just insane. And yet people continue to gobble it up in a weird demonstration of inherent masochism or something. And his PR handlers seem more than willing to continue to allow him to talk to the media in this fashion since he's bound to capture headlines with his shooting-from-the-hip style of discourse.

I do feel bad about the state of the local film industry and the restrictive nature of how movies are distributed in this country. But to expect the MMFF alone to change in order to somehow fix things also feels unrealistic. The MMFF isn't a "traditional" film festival given how it takes over all theaters due to the power of law and thus owes some degree of obligation to ensure cinema operators still make money. Thus the MMFF will continue to feature typical local entertainment fare since this is what stands a better chance of selling tickets. We need other avenues for supporting independent filmmakers and other more serious content - the local cinema industry needs some form of disruption.

Cubao is undergoing quite the overhaul, but I suppose it'll be a few years before things fully settle down. I just worry about the increased traffic around Araneta Center given the narrowness of the roads that need to deal with the increasing amount of vehicular traffic in the area due to additional amenities and other establishments of interest. Maybe we really do need to consider moving to BGC.