02180: Quickly Home

The trip home from Tagayaytay Highlands was not as traumatic as feared. I suppose most folks had no intention of leaving for the city anytime soon and thus the roads back home were pretty clear indeed. Hooray for small pleasures.

So I've been back home at Sietch Creare since the afternoon and Yoshi was very happy to see me, if the number of times he licked my face is any indicator. It's a little disheartening to see just how many drugs he needs to take over the next week as part of his on-going kidney treatment and his appetite is hardly where it needs to be. But at least he's in good spirits - we just need to get him to eat his food.

Otherwise it's a lot of catch up time with Tobie. I kinda wish there was more to do like go out for a massage or something, but then I don't feel like dealing with too many people just yet. So yeah we'll see what'll happen. The night is still young.