0217F: Nexus Has Arrived

Part of my Christmas gifts this year was my new phone, a Google Nexus 6P. My sister had helped me acquire the phone from Singapore and I just had to wait for the holidays to finally get my hands on it. A new phone had become increasingly necessary because of the many problems with my older HTC One including purple camera photos and terrible battery life.

I only really got started on setting up the phone today since internet signal rather sucks at the villa and the only decent signal seems to be at the clubhouse. I'm far from done given the many apps still missing from the phone and the lack of more personal stuff live music, ringtones and other bells and whistles, but I think I've managed to get a lot of the essentials installed already.

The phone in itself is quite a delight, although I foresee a lot of stress-testing ahead. But initial feedback is definitely positive on my end and I'm really happy with this purchase. Huzzah for new phones!

Now I just wish that the internet out here in Tagaytay would be more cooperative.