0217C: Patient Yoshi

Snuck a photo while at the vet!
So Yoshi spent the night at the vet last night as part of his treatment for his kidney issues. I showed up at the vet right after clinic hours formally began and managed to catch Yoshi without his IV. It had clogged  and so they had removed it this morning to give him a break - he needed to walk anyway. So I had the rare change of holding him again despite his confinement and I carried him for a good 10 minutes until he settled down.

I could tell he was upset that we had left him there given his incessant barking right before we opened the cage. He immediately jumped into my arms once he was out and was eagerly licking my face as well. I wanted to cry, which feels a little silly since we had just seen him right before the end of clinic hours and he had only been there overnight. But hey, such is the life of a pet owner - you really form a special bond with your pets that shares some similarities with how one might feel about children.

We visited Yoshi a total of three times today. It was just me in the morning but by lunch and early evening Tobie was with me as well. Every time it broke our hearts a little to see Yoshi frustrated about being in a cage and of course leaving him behind again just felt worse. But of course this is for the best and with luck Yoshi will be able to go home tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!

The doctors shared that he still has good energy and he continues to eat, which is a pretty good sign despite his condition. Kidney problems tend to be accompanied by lack of appetite and vomiting among symptoms but thankfully Yoshi continues to do his part in aiding his recovery. I really hope that we get to bring him home tomorrow, but I'll also understand if he needs to stay longer. His health comes first, of course. And apparently our biggest Christmas gift for Yoshi this year appears to be sparing no expense for his medical care until he's well.