0217A: Last Holiday Gaming Weekend

Despite bad weather and both Tobie and I feeling a little less than ideal, we were able to push through with our monthly board game night with some good friends. We played a nice collection of games throughout the night, although it was a shame that we weren't at full strength since one of the players had a key work deadline to deal with. Still, it was a fun night and the rains did provide a nice side benefit of things being much cooler than normal, even if a bit humid.

Today we played a round of Apocalypse World with a more irregular gaming groups that don't always get time to play under Tobie. The goal of this game was to make it feel a bit more like Fallout versus the last Mad Max style game that we had played with another group. It certainly made for good fun.

Feeling pretty tired though. I know it's partly because of the fact that last night's game ended past 07:00am. But Tobie and I are a little worried that we're coming down with something given both of us feel like our throats are feeling scratchier than they should be. Hopefully nothing bad happens come the holidays, but it may be too early to tell just yet.

We still have 3 more days of work to get through and then it's right into the holiday madness period. Whoo boy.