02177: Star Wars Day For Most

So Star Wars: The Force Awakens formally hit theaters today and Star Wars mania is pretty much at fever pitch. Luckie fans have already had a chance to watch the movie prior to today, but for the rest of the general public today is officially the first day folks can watch Episode 7.

Work schedules and limited ticket availability mean that Tobie and I did not get to watch today nor will we have a chance to watch tomorrow. But we have managed to secure tickets for Saturday morning for an almost unbelievable viewing schedule of 08:00am. Seriously, when else have we shown movies that early? But I suppose the IMAX theater operator is making the most of their facilities and given the fact the movie has a running time of over two hours.

But I can't really complain - it's a good schedule that helps minimize potential traffic on the road and minimize crowds at the mall as well. With luck Tobie and I will have a grand time with the movie, enjoy a good hearty brunch after then maybe squeeze in some Christmas shopping as well.

It's always nice to join a large fandom like this in terms of celebrating a piece of entertainment that they love. You'd be silly to try and stay on the sidelines entirely without at least trying to see what the fuss is all about.