02175: The Annual Christmas Gift Challenge

Christmas is always such an exciting yet stressful time since my family raised me to take gift-giving pretty seriously. It's never about being having the biggest or most expensive gifts, but really more about how clever the gift is and how well it fits the other person. Thus whether its a year of belt-tightening or abundance, we've always had Christmas gifts of some sort. And no matter how much they cost, they always gave the recipient to smile.

Now I know I'm not an amazing giver-of-gifts, but I think people have generally come to accept what "Rocky gifts" end up being. I'd like to think that they're still quite clever, but there will inevitably be some quirkiness or weirdness to them.  I try to gift in a manner that demonstrates what I think of the person but also with a little bit of myself in the gift as well.

So I end up giving gifts that can be downright silly to being extremely practical. I have gifts that may be  "As Seen on TV" or I otherwise have gifts that I spent hours trying to figure out. I try not to think about budgets and instead I focus on novelty and memorability. If I get lucky, I find exactly what I'm looking for.

And the best part about preparing to give gifts for Christmas? Teasing your loved ones about the fact that you already have presents for them but you won't reveal what the gift is just yet. I'm not big on mind games when it comes to relationships, but they're a heck of a lot of fun when it comes to gifts.