02174: Additional Testing Required

So it has been three weeks since Yoshi has been diagnosed with anemia and the vet is still somewhat at a loss as to the exact reason for it. The past few weeks have been about trying different supplements and other changes to his diet in order to correct things from a nutritional perspective, but that does not seem to be affecting the underlying cause for the condition.

At this point we're a little worried since the vet recommended more comprehensive testing and that can mean any number of possible reasons for his illness. She didn't want to go into too much detail since we didn't have any results in-hand yet and there are just far too many things that could be interpreted as a possible reason for things based on the general symptoms he has been experiencing thus far.

With the holiday season so near, this is hardly the sort of thing any pet owner wants to think about/ But there's no sense in excessive worrying and so for  now we'll move forward with the new regimen of supplements and we're temporarily shifting away from raw food so he can focus on more targeted food prescribed by the doctor. It also means shoving a lot of pulls and such down Yoshi's throat and so I foresee a lot of arguments between me and the dog since I tend to take lead on medical care.

I keep telling myself everything will be fine. At least we alerted the vet early on and so there's definitely more than enough chances for us to work together to figure this out and support Yoshi as best as we can so he can be well again. Fingers and toes crossed.