02173: Remembering Today

I have a calendar reminder about today. Sometimes I wonder if this is even appropriate - is this something that I really want to remember? I've told many people going through grief that one should focus on celebrating the person's life instead of lamenting the person's death, but even after a few years, it still hurts to some extent.

I miss you. We all wish you were still here and I know you'd totally love how fabulous O Bar has grown to be. I miss talking about geeky nonsense with you or evaluating your selfies to make sure you look okay. The missing never truly goes away.

But I'm not sad anymore. Remembering you will always be a little bittersweet but it's also quite empowering at times as well. I remember the sound of your voice or the pout of your lips that you'll probably deny and it warms my heart to some extent. I keep you in my heart and I do hope you're having a great time wherever you are.

Mwahugs, J.