02171: Merry Christmas, Hashtag Labs!

With the holiday season in full swing and a number of long-term leaves already planned, we ended up scheduling our little company Christmas party for tonight. Initial plans of cooking food ourselves eventually gave way to just ordering out since we still had quite a lot that needed to get done during the work day.

Christmas dinner of sorts was a lot of great food from Amber's. We had a few drinks as well - just enough to get the conversation flowing in a crazier direction but not enough for anyone to embarrass themselves. And we topped everything off with a few games that I had brought for the night. The team quickly warmed up to Exploding Kittens, but I think everyone appreciated the charm of Dixit Odyssey. Then just to throw a monkey wrench in plans, we capped off the night with a few rounds of Fluxx. It's a shame we didn't get around to Kragmortha, but maybe we'll have time for that next time.

It was a fun night, but now I have to dash off with Tobie to O Bar to celebrate the 10th anniversaryof our favorite bar.